Working Mothers—A False Dilemma

One of the key values in our feminist-ruled social order is women’s professional achievement. Enabling women to achieve professionally has taken precedence, with the result being that women of all political stripes are mixing demanding careers with motherhood even while their children are young. Feminism has created the “working mother’s dilemma” in which a woman is pulled in the two directions of tending to her career and tending to her children. While there have been numerous cries that all is not well, such as the one made by Anne-Marie Slaughter in 2012 in her much-read essay, Why Women Still Can’t Have It All,[i] no one is willing to rock the feminist boat that created the problem in the first place.

The problem of the working mother isn’t properly addressed because feminist indoctrination is complete in the West. Women’s empowerment is now viewed as essential to the well-being of society. Feminism has won, and whatever outbursts feminists are now making are a result of women still not having what they want because they’ve relied on feminism to fulfill them, and it cannot. Women could be paid twice what men make for the same work and they would still not be satisfied. Women’s empowerment does not equal women’s happiness. Why this is should become clear by the end of this essay.

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