Muslim Immigration is Not the Problem—the Morally Decadent West Is

Muslim immigration into Europe and to a lesser degree North America is the focus of the new populist, nationalist political movement which has gained momentum in the last several years. An appeal to the defense of Europe’s “Christian heritage” is part of the movement’s platform.

Nigel Farage wrote in an introduction to UKIP’s 2015 “Christian Manifesto”: “We need a much more muscular defense of our Christian heritage and our Christian Constitution. Ours is fundamentally a Christian nation…”[i]

Leaders in the movement in what were once Catholic countries have made similar comments. Sebastian Kurz said in a television interview, “What has shaped Europe, what has shaped Austria? We have a culture shaped by our Judeo-Christian heritage and the Enlightenment – and this culture needs protecting…”[ii]  Marine Le Pen said at a rally back in 2012, “The principles we fight for are engraved in our national motto: liberty, equality, fraternity…That stems from the principles of secularization resulting from a Christian heritage.”[iii]

Le Pen and Kurz speak in contradictions rather than about the truth of European history. Such statements about acknowledging and protecting Europe’s “Christian heritage” are political slogans based on vague sentiments, and when you scratch the surface, they fall apart. Underneath the sloganeering these politicians may have a nagging intuition about the truth, but instead of exploring this intuition, they stick to the safety of their political platform.

For example, when figures in the movement refer to Europe’s “Christian roots” are they referring to Protestantism or Catholicism? For these are two very different things. As any Catholic worth his salt knows, Protestantism is a heresy. Protestants left the Church. Protestantism is essentially a revolt against Catholicism.

In addition to Protestantism there is another revolt against the Catholic Church, enabled by Freemasonry—Enlightenment rationalism. The liberal values bequeathed to us by the Enlightenment—liberty, equality, fraternity—are most certainly not part of Europe’s true Christian heritage. They are anti-Catholic, and therefore anti-Christian.

Europe before the Protestant Revolt was Catholic. It was not a perfect society, but it can be said of it, as Pope Leo XIII did in 1891 in Rerum Novarum when referring to the 12th and 13th centuries, the “Golden Age of Christianity”:

…civil society was renovated in every part by Christian institutions… in the strength of that renewal the human race was lifted up to better things-nay… it was brought back from death to life, and to so excellent a life that nothing more perfect had been known before, or will come to be known in the ages that have yet to be.[iv]

A spirit of Revolution[v] was born following the Middle Ages, beginning with the Protestant Revolt and followed by the Enlightenment, and was specifically carried out in the French Revolution. How does this relate to our situation today with a new batch of Muslim hordes invading Europe?

The Revolutionary spirit seeks to do away with the old Catholic order, and the crisis of man and of civilization that we face today in the West is merely a continuation of this rejection of God and His Church. The current Muslim invasion is occurring because we rejected the authority of Christ over our lives and nations and embraced the man-centred, morally decadent values of liberalism. In short, our current troubles can be traced back to the French Revolution and the Freemasonic enterprise that enabled it.

Meanwhile, European politicians on the Right speak of Europe’s “Christian heritage.” Such confused ideas about history and religion are problematic because they will keep us from solving the essential crisis of our time. The real threat to Europe is not globalization and islamization, these are recent developments that have emerged late in our journey to self-destruction (although of course Muslims have invaded Europe in the past). The real threat is our moral decadence defined by our rejection of Christ and the authority of His Church.

The great crisis of our time, building up over centuries (not since George Soros began manipulating everything), is a spiritual crisis which politics—no matter how hard it courts the Christian vote or pays homage to the “Christian heritage” of Europe—can solve. Our crisis is spiritual.

In what was a ridiculous statement for a Catholic to make, that of wanting to protect both his country’s Christian and Enlightenment culture, Kurz revealed the contradiction of the movement, and the reason it will fail. Liberty, equality and fraternity are not part of the Christian heritage of France. They are opposed to it. The Enlightenment is opposed to Catholicism—it wants to destroy it.

Le Pen similarly spoke of a mix of the Enlightenment and Christianity as France’s Christian heritage. This simply does not wash. Le Pen only wants her followers to have a “sense” of Europe’s Christian identity or the Catholic roots of France because she thinks it will help stem the tide of globalization and islamization. She is a liberal, however, and doesn’t really want religion to play a serious role in the life of France. Christianity, however, is not a cultural identity, but a religion with certain Truths that will not go away no matter how intently we have piled on the layers of liberal ideology.

The foundation of liberalism is a false idea of man’s freedom. The liberty of the Revolution is not the freedom of Christianity which is only found in man directing his will to obey God, but is license to do what one wants. Implicit in liberalism’s notion of freedom is man’s independence from God and His Church, the Catholic Church.

This is the source of our moral decadence—our independence from God. We are morally decadent because individuals and nations do not submit to His Sovereign rule.

The most important development in the degradation of the West is not the 1960s sexual revolution, contrary to what the “Religious Right” in America thinks, nor the globalizing and islamizing effects of the European Union or George Soros’ evil empire. It is the idea of religious liberty bequeathed to us by the French Revolution and the American Revolution. It was brought on by a hatred of the Catholic Church and is essentially a denial that She is the one, true Church that has apostolic authority to teach and govern man. The Revolutionary spirit desires to see the Church gutted by spreading the heresy that all religions are equal and the Catholic Faith is not the one, true Faith. Subsequently, the peoples of democratic, western countries must have the right to “religious freedom”—the freedom to practice the religion of their choice.

The imposition of religious liberty onto the social order was the first step in our moral decline, because it emasculated the Catholic Church’s role as moral guide. It left man’s moral life to his own conscience, informed not by a Catholic social order that he could not escape or ignore, but by his personal choice to attend church on Sunday and to attend the church of his choice. Later, he would choose to not attend church at all.

The “moral decadence” referred to here, however, does not mean a decrease in professing Christians, or a morally lax society accepting of pornography, abortion, divorce, contraception, etc. These are signs of it, or symptoms. What is meant by “moral decadence” here is our disordered way of life that begins with not acknowledging the Kingship of Christ and his rule over individuals and nations.

The West looked on in dismay as the May 2017 terrorist attack at Manchester arena unfolded. The media made a point of mentioning one of the victims of the attack was an 8-year-old girl. Several other victims were under 16 years of age. These children were twice victims, however: they were the victims of the terrorist attack, but they were also victims of a degenerate culture, one in which children attend Ariana Grande concerts, with the approval of parents that consist of pornography in the guise of music. Grande’s performances and “music” are more than a little sexually suggestive. Why was an 8-year-old, or any sane person for that matter, attending this sleaze-fest? Why did her mother take her to the concert? Why is such an act as Ariana Grande allowed to perform in the first place?

Is this degenerate, hyper-sexualized culture what Farage and Le Pen want to defend? Because Ariana Grande is, for the most part, typical of today’s culture in the West. It is one big sleaze-fest.

It’s no secret that Islam views the West as morally decadent and therefore weakened and therefore penetrable. Yet, we continue to shore up the decadent moral values of Godless liberalism that brought on the decadence and weakness in the first place.

Anti-immigration parties and policies, if they succeed in Europe, might stem the tide of Muslim immigration, but would not stop the Tsunami of moral decadence that is at the heart of the decay of Western civilization. If the Right got what it wants and George Soros was stymied in his evil, globalist agenda, and immigration policies in Europe and North America became anti-Muslim, all this would not undo the course of decay and self-destruction that predates the globalist agenda and the influx of Muslims into Western democracies.

We’re going down. If it is by the sword of the infidel, this simply is the last nail in the coffin we climbed into ourselves because we are morally sick to death.

The cure for our spiritual sickness cannot be found in the current populist, nationalist movement. A spiritual sickness calls for a spiritual cure. And by “spiritual sickness” I do not mean that individual men are sick in their souls, although that too is the case—I mean nations are sick because of their rejection of Christ as King.

Nations are governed by Christ whether they acknowledge it or not. Christ is King from whom all authority to rule is granted. Only acknowledging this ultimate reality will keep us from the death that is so close.

Both men and nations have made themselves independent of God; this is what liberalism is in all its manifestations—political, economic and social. Man has become his own authority, his own god. The insanity and chaos of our time is the result of claiming for so long, without repentance, that God does not exist as He does.

A true spiritual cure can only come from the true Church, the Catholic Church. This cure involves realizing religious liberty is a heresy. The State has the duty to profess the Catholic Faith, since it is the one, true Faith. Religious toleration, therefore, is shown toward non-Catholics, but it is only toleration. Non-Catholics can practice their religion in private, but Catholicism is the religion of the State and the head of the State is subject to the authority of the Church.

Under this system, there would be no political sloganeering as the Muslims stream in. In a Catholic social order there would be no Ariana Grande concerts.

But we in the West so worship the idea of religious liberty in our utopian visions of a pluralistic, democratic state, that such a Catholic system is anathema to “rational” man. But how “rational” is it to avoid an oncoming fireball by pouring kerosene on oneself? Liberalism made us weak so let’s stand up for those liberal values?

The Muslims have told us they enter in upon our moral decadence—why do we not repent of that decadence to the one true Judge of this world? No, “rational” man simply steeps himself in more liberty, more “rights,” more material riches and fleeting pleasures, all the while relegating the Faith to the private sphere where it can hold no sway.

The West was dying long before the globalist agenda arrived on the scene, before the sexual revolution of the 1960s, before the infidel influx on our shores. These are not the problem. We are the problem. We raised up liberal values to be worshipped in our parliaments. We did it—conservatives and liberals alike.

It wouldn’t matter if there was 1 Muslim or 1 million among us. Ours is a spiritual sickness that no Muslim has inflicted upon us. We did it to ourselves.

There is only one thing that can save us—and it is far from the minds of any politician in the West. It is the acknowledgment of a little-known, all-important truth: Christ has sovereignty over all people and nations. He is King. All authority to govern descends from Him (not, “the people”). His Church, the Catholic Church, is the one true Church, and therefore there can be no religious liberty because it is a denial of this fact.

This is not a question of a vague “reclaiming our European religious heritage” or saying “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays” or defending bakers from having to bake cakes for “gay weddings.” These things are all done while affirming that religion is a private matter.

Only when the Social Kingship of Christ is proclaimed by a country will that country be armed to defeat its enemy. Only when religious liberty is shown to be the heretical proposition it is, will we find ourselves on the right course.

For now, misguided right-wing politicians and pundits continue to promote the contradictory ideas of the false resistance.


Conservative commentators speak of the end of liberalism or the failure of liberalism.[vi] What we are witnessing at this time in the rage and degradation around us is the dissatisfaction with and despair over what liberalism has wrought for us. Liberalism is an ideology built on pride and rejection of God that came out of certain “enlightened” men’s minds in the 17th and 18th centuries. It is an ideology built on the intellect turning away from God to the self. It lies now like a great, global garbage heap with the corpses of innocent unborn children strewn all about it.

The political Right has some intuition about this, but can’t let go of its political machinations and aspirations to fully grasp we are experiencing a spiritual crisis, not a political one.

In a recent article by Theodore Dalrymple, after briefly discussing Britain’s “enormous cultural problems,” Dalrymple writes:

These problems do not originate from Britain’s membership of the European Union, nor will they be solved by exit from the Union. They can be solved only by something more resembling a religious revival than by any likely government action.[vii]

A “religious revival?” Well, if Britain was to truly revive religion and go back to its Christian roots, it would become Catholic, for England was a Catholic country before Henry VIII infamously broke away from the Church, paving the way for Protestantism.

Europe’s “Christian heritage?” Europe’s Christian roots are the Catholic Church and medieval Christendom, which began with the conversion of King Clovis to Catholicism in 496.

Our crisis was begun and is perpetuated by man refusing to submit to God and His Church. The garbage can only be cleared away by submitting once again. We need fearless garbage men now, to burn away the garbage with the fire of their zeal for subjection—and above all, men willing to do penance for the slaughter of the innocents by placing themselves and their nations completely under the sovereign Kingship of Christ our Lord.


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