Mom for President

“To the best of my knowledge, I am the first mom to hold the job of the White House Press Secretary,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated at a press briefing several months ago. The implication of her statement was that this is progress and a victory of some sort.

A victory of what sort?

That Republican women are working moms too? That Donald Trump is pro-woman, a feminist even? That pro-family values now pervade the White House?

Why is it progress and a victory that a mother of three young children has taken on a demanding job at the White House? Isn’t the purpose of a mother to take care of her children? In a rational social order then, a mother would not be made White House Press Secretary. Our social order, however, is driven by liberal ideology.

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The Wrong Conversation

Right-leaning liberals (a.k.a. “conservatives”) in America are upset that the left-leaning liberals want to tear down Confederate memorials. The issue of taking down such memorials is another arena for the internecine battle of Left vs. Right in America.

There is, for a Catholic, an important thread that is completely left out of this conversation about raising up or taking down memorials to America’s past, however.

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