Dear Men, Please Read–Orestes Brownson on “The Woman Question”


The following is an article written by the 19th century Catholic writer Orestes Brownson. This article was written in 1869 in the early stages of the woman suffrage debate in the U.S. and provides excellent argumentation against woman suffrage, and can also be read as a general statement against feminism.

What Brownson writes regarding the effects women in politics would have on the family can also generally be said about women entering the workforce as the competitors of men.

Please note, the emphases are mine.

The Woman Question (Catholic World, May 1869) by Orestes Brownson

The Woman Question, though not yet an all-engrossing question in our own or in any other country, is exciting so much attention, and is so vigorously agitated, that no periodical can very well refuse to consider it. As yet, though entering into politics, it has not become a party question, and we think we may discuss it without overstepping the line we have marked out for ourselves- that of studiously avoiding all party politics; not because we have not the courage to discuss them, but because we have aims and purposes which appeal to all parties alike, and which can best be effected by letting party politics alone.

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