Kellyanne Conway and the Two Sides of the Same Liberal Coin

Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager and now his de facto spokesperson during his transition to the presidency, is not liked by those who identify as feminists.

It is being noted by some that Conway should be celebrated by feminists as a successful woman who holds one of the most influential positions in America. “Conway was the first woman in history to successfully manage and win a presidential campaign in America. She was promoted from Trump’s senior advisor and pollster to campaign manager, and successfully did what no one believed was possible,” writes columnist Melissa Lantsman in the Toronto Sun.

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Pro-Lifeism and the Secret Feminist Inside

I was first introduced to pro-lifeism at a dinner party some years ago attended by “conservative” Catholics in their twenties and thirties. During dinner, the topic of the film Knocked Up was raised amid a discussion about the pro-life movement.

Knocked Up, for those of you fortunate enough to not have seen the film, is a 2007 “romantic comedy” about a career-driven young woman who has a one night stand, gets pregnant, and with the father of the child decides to keep the baby. “Romantic” the film is not. It is a film full of obscenity. It is the crassest of crass comedies. To watch it is to be extremely scandalized. It is a film that should never have been made. Continue reading